Sunday, July 4, 2010


I've been busy with work and family lately and had a cold thrown in on top of that so I haven't been posting. Apologies to my three semi-regular visitors who never comment and to Melissa who does. (also to Chinese spammer guy who tries to comment all the time.) It's the 4th of July and both kids and the wife are napping, so I've got a tiny window to recap the last few days:

My cold started developing last Wed night so I took Thu - Sat off of running. When the cold still didn't go away I figured I'd just run through it.

Sun: 4.35mi in 40 min  Ran the One Store Loop near home.
Mon: Exercise bike + stretching at the gym
Tue: 2mi in 16min on the Hamstermill at the gym and some stretching
Wed: off
Thu: 6.4mi in 48min. Ran to the park near work for some barefoot around the track.
Fri: 5.7mi in 42min. Bridle Trails short loop from the gym.
Sat: 10mi in 1h23min. Ran with kid1 napping in the stroller to a local school for barefoot running.
Sun: 9.6mi in 1h40min. Ran with kid2 napping in the stroller near home.

Notes on the runs:

One new thing that I tried last week was barefoot running on the streets. On Thursday I ran out to a park near work to run barefoot on the soft rubbery track. After 3 miles around the track I gambled and carried my shoes while I ran the 1.5mi back to the gym barefoot. This was my first attempt at barefoot off of the track / grass.  The sidewalk felt okay on my feet but crossing the street was a little rough. I tried to run on the white lines in the road where I could to minimize the pain. My feet are still relatively tender on the bottom I guess. Maybe I'll try a run next week and leave my shoes at the gym.

On Saturday I ran 4 miles barefoot while kid1 slept in the middle of the field in the jog stroller. My splits were: 7:20, 6:50, 6:43, and a cool-down mile of 8:33. Not bad for barefoot.

My knee is a little tender right now, but that doesn't seem to matter when I'm out running. I've had almost no knee pain while running. I'm happy with my little experiment of changing my running form. Four days in a row running. I can't complain about that.


Melissa said...

How sad is it that you run faster barefoot than I do with shoes? LOL!

Holly said...

Hope I'm counted as one of your readers? (I'm not the chinese spammer guy) I don't comment b/c usually I think the same thing after I am done reading each time: "wow... how is it possible we have the same genes? I'm wasting them!" I've been battling sciatic pain after my latest back injury about 6 weeks ago but ran (and walked) for the first time on the treadmill last night & after the first mile it stopped hurting so much. This morning my hamstring wasn't any more stiff than normal, so I'm going to try it again. I'm not aiming to be a super duper runner like you, but hope to get back into it a bit (so maybe then I won't feel like quite so much the inferior sibling).

nrmrvrk said...

I don't know that we have the same genes. I think it might be that we had a big pile of genes to split and I took most of the endurance sports genes and you took the smarts and hard work genes. ??

Bummer about your Sciatic nerve. I hope you can fine some form of therapy that takes care of the pain.