Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to Tempo

6.0mi in 41:41 (6:57/mi pace) I ran at lunch today and felt that I should get back in the habit of running a hard tempo run each week so I set out on the standard work loop from the gym. I went Clockwise which historically has been faster for me than CCW. I figure that's just the way the hills are laid out with a short easy hill at the end going CW instead of a long easy hill when it's run CCW.

The run started out good but devolved quickly into hard and painful. I realize that I'm not in tempo running shape since I've stopped running these fast runs every week like I used to. I didn't have the lungs and stamina to keep a faster pace for the 6 mile route. I felt good with my time today as I nipped under my personal gold standard of 42 minutes. I think I can probably cut about 2 minutes off of that time in the next few months.

My splits weren't half bad. Take out the steep uphill that I can only hold about a 10:00 pace on and I'm looking pretty good
8:09 (steep hill)

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