Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just a short run before bed

I thought about taking a day off yesterday as I'd run 4 days straight (go Knee!) but I changed my mind after getting the kids to bed with enough time for a short trip around the neighborhood. After a slowish run on Sunday I decided to try some tempo pace last night. I haven't been doing any focused tempo or speedwork in some time and I'd like to still try to break 40 in the 10K after I turn 40. I headed out to do the standard "One Store" loop as it's the closest route to the house and contains a bit of trail to run on. I kept a good pace from the start, running the first few miles in the low 7 min range. I felt good but my legs were tired from the previous 4 days.

I was trying to hold a sub-7 pace the whole run but I found that there were hills during the first 4 miles of the course that would slow me down enough that I couldn't stay sub-7 pace the whole mile. I couldn't make up for it on the resulting downhill sections either apparently. I did finally pull off a sub-7 pace for the last 1.9 mile section as it had some longer flat stretches. While I was pushing the pace and breathing hard I was also trying to relax my body and evaluate how relaxed each part was (head, neck, shoulders, back, arms etc...) to see if it helped my form. I did feel a little smoother and fluid with my stride. I hope to try to dial this in more in future runs.

After arriving back home gasping for air I ran a half mile cool down loop around the block at a much slower pace.

Getting a run in before bed: a great way to end the day.

Time: 47:39
Dist: 6.4
Avg: 7:19/mi (not incl. cool down)
Alt: probably 1000'

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