Thursday, April 1, 2010

Short and steep

Another cold and windy day today so I opted to hit the treadmill for my hill repeat workout. I'm tapering so the plan was 8 - 10 short steep hill repeats. I found a pre-programmed interval workout on the treadmill that had 8 short flat repeats so I adapted that to my hill workout.

As each effort would start I had to adjust it to a 6:30 pace and set the incline to 15%. I only did 15 - 20 seconds before returning back to a 9 min. pace at 2%. One downside to these new treadmills is that they don't remember your adjustments to the speed and incline so I had to adjust the settings before and after each hard effort.

It was quite a workout despite the hard efforts only being 20 seconds at most. It was a good last interval workout for this training cycle. Now I need to really take it easy. I'm even planning to ride my bike this weekend instead of running.

With warmup and cool down I ran 4 miles in about 35 minutes.

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