Friday, April 9, 2010

One last run before my "A" race

I missed a run this week but it's my last week of tapering before I run the Mt. Si 50K on Sunday. I didn't want to run fast today, just shake out the legs now that the pain from the hard leg workout I did last week is gone. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I did squats, lunges, deadlifts and calf raises last week but I'm glad that my legs don't feel like concrete any more. I've been using my foam roller and "The Stick" every night to loosen things up with some success.

Back to today... Just a standard 5 mile run from the gym at lunch out to the Bridle Trails. The plan was to run for 20 minutes and then turn around. This gave me the chance to run on the actual Bridal Trails for about 10 minutes which was great as always even with all of the mud and slop this time of year. I kept a sensible pace and didn't try to hold any sort of tempo. I felt like I was running pretty well and had that pre-race feeling of wanting to go faster and of feeling light on my feet. It's just where I want to be two days before the race. I was surprised to see my easy pace dip below 7:30/mile several times. With the hills and a stop to fuss with the iPod I came in with just over an 8:00/mile pace.

Time: 40:50
Avg: 8:10/mi
Alt? 1200 (I doubt that)

Some other thoughts about running:

I wore the Cascadias today as most of the route is on (currently muddy) trails. I have to say that I noticed a difference in the traction compared to my regular road shoes. I like the way the Cascadias feel more each time I've run in them so far. Some of it could be the Drymax socks that I've been wearing lately though. I read Jamie Donaldson's blog and Jamie is sponsored by Drymax so she mentions their socks on occasion. I thought that if she doesn't get blisters when she's out running sub-15 hour 100 mile races that I should give them a shot. I bought two pair of the trail socks and I'd have to say that I'm impressed. They're soft and cushion-y but they keep my feet dry. Even after a 2 hour run in the rain I had zero problems with my feet. Ditto for the run that I did recently on the Bridle Trails where I ran down the middle of the trail and through every mud puddle I found. They are a little spendy though. I like them a little better than the Injinji toe-socks (which are good socks too) because they've got more cushion, keep me dry, and seem to last longer.

So what's the goal for Sunday? I feel good, the course is pretty flat (only 1000' of climbing), and the weather should be decent. The forecast calls for some rain and temps in the high 50s. I'd say that my three levels of success are:

1) Sub 5-hour finish

2) Sub 4:30 finish.
3) Break 4:15

I don't think I'm in shape to go too far under 4:30.  I think I should be able to just dip under that. I've never run a 50K before so I'm not sure how it'll go for me. I've been thinking and rethinking my drop bag that I'll pass at mile 10 and 21 and my race day outfit. If it goes well and I can average 8 minute miles I'll be extremely happy.

Bring on the Dopamine rush!

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