Wednesday, April 14, 2010

recovery trail run

I had to go in to work late and stay a little later so rather than sit in 2 hours of traffic coming home at rush hour I changed into my running gear and headed out to the Bridle Trails for a little over an hour of "me" time. It's nice not worrying about pace, distance, training, or schedules once in a while. It was a nice run as most of my runs in the Bridle Trails are except for the part where my knee started to hurt a few miles into it. It's still sore from the race on Sunday and I'll just need to give it some time off to recover. I'll hit the bike and elliptical the rest of the week I guess.

Dist: 8.95
Time: 1:16:47
Avg: 8:34/mi
Knee: Ouch!

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