Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Treadmill miles

Since I have a bit more of my commute to sit through (as a passenger) I might as well write about my run at lunch today. It rained lightly all morning so I stuck with the treadmill at lunch instead of going out for a wet run. I decided to either do 5 one mile repeats or just run 5 miles at a 7:00 pace. The later won out because the new fancy treadmills aren't as programmable as the old ones were. The pre-programmed runs that I had to select from didn't work out for me as I couldn't set the exact pace for the mile repeats.

I set the manual mode to a 6:58 pace (closest setting to 7:00/mi) and with a 2% incline and went for it. The pace was taxing but not exhausting. I ended up lowering the incline a bit every mile until it was down to 1% at the end of 5 miles.

I ran a half mile at 9:00 pace to cool down and then cleaned the machine and called it a run. I felt good today and my Brooks Cascadias handled the rugged treadmill surface easily. :-) no problems with the blister thankfully. Maybe I'll be able to get out for some barefoot running on Friday.

Time: 39:30
Dist: 5.50
Avg: 7:14

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Melissa said...

That pace scares me.

Good job!

Tricia said...

Awesome run!

And I totally get your point about the giveaways. YES I am given free stuff and then am able to share the free gear with my readers because its an opportunity for companies to get their product out. Giveaways are a marketing tool for them. However, I like to think that my readers enjoy the chance to win gear and I am always honest in my reviews.

That being said, I never post/follow/link giveaways on my personal facebook etc. I keep my blog and personal ones separate.

I'm so glad you enjoy the rest of my blog. :) your comment reminded me of something my dad said last night. He said, "tricia,the giveaways are ok,but do your readers a favor and write a real blog post to go along with them". I may need to think about a separate review page/blog altogether.

Thanks for the input (and for letting me take over your comment section :)