Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Almost a double

I'm in a training class all week so I don't have access to a gym at lunch and thus can't run in the middle of the day. I wasn't going to run yesterday at all until my wife suggested that I go after the kids were in bed. It was about 8:15 when she said something like:

"Why don't you go for a run now... if you can be back by 9."

Ummm. sure! I hurried to get changed and grab a bottle of Ultima electrolyte drink (disappointing stuff but I can't stand to throw it out after paying $16 for a small tub of it) and headed out the door. I had about 35 minutes to run so I just did the One Store Loop. Nothing spectacular other than how it felt to be running. I kept a faster than usual pace but didn't bring my watch to time it. I should find a cheap digital watch that I can use as a stopwatch when I don't want to hassle with the Garmin.  I made it back at about 2 minutes after 9pm, happy and winded.

Dist: 4.35
Time: ?? 32 min?
Avg: probably around 7:30min/mi

This morning I was up early with plans to get to the gym before the class started. I was out of the house well before 6am for the hour drive in little traffic up to the gym. Luckily the training center is only about 10 min from the gym / my office. I changed quickly and was out on the road to do half of the work loop with a foray into the Bridle Trails for some soft trail running. The mud has dried a little in all but the worst sections of the trails. I was tapping out a pretty good cadence though my legs were feeling a little tired from running just 9 hours earlier.  After a few miles of trail I came out the North entrance of the park and saw that I was almost an hour into the run. I hoped to be a little faster so that I could head over to Grass Lawn Park for a few miles barefoot to cap off a good run. I didn't have time to take the barefoot detour and still get to the class on time so I just headed back down the corridor trail and back to the gym.

It feels great to get a longer run in before work (class). It's better than coffee to keep me awake during the day. With such a short time between the two runs it almost felt like a 2-a-day, especially considering the soreness in my hamstrings and calves this morning. I'm excited to start putting bigger monthly mileage numbers up again.

Time: 1:06:52
Dist: 8.4
Avg: 7:58/mi


Melissa said...

Your pace is amazing. :)

nrmrvrk said...

Faster than some, slower than many. I'll never be the fastest or the slowest. Thanks.