Saturday, June 12, 2010

Early to rise...

I got up at 5am today and out of the house by 5:30. I drove up to work and hit the gym first to get a run in. I was on the road by ~7:15. I ran around the gym loop but ventured into the Bridle Trails when I was heading down the back straight instead of staying on the road. I almost slipped in the mud within the first 10 steps on the trail. That was a good indicator of what I was in for.

It was pretty bad, even when there wasn't standing water or churned up mud. There was still a slippery layer of mud coating the dirt/gravel on the trails. I had to be extra cautious and found myself constantly looking for ways to step around the mud and water puddles that spanned the width of the trail. I did pretty well bouncing back and forth across the trail looking for a spot where my shoes could find some traction. I should have brought the Cascadias for their extra tread instead of my road-friendly Defyance shoes but that didn't happen. I slipped and slid around for the next few miles on the trail and was relieved to get out of the trails and head back to the gym for a shower.

I'm not sure why but I was really tired and had some stomach cramp issues. I'm usually not worn out until I've been running a few hours but today I started to feel sluggish and worn out about 3 miles into the run. Lack of sleep and compensating with coffee perhaps?

As always, a less-than-stellar run sure beats the regret of not going for one. In other news, the forefoot striking is feeling more and more normal as time goes on. My knee has been feeling pretty good lately as well. (knock on wood) I hope it continues to improve.

Time: 1:11:26
Dist: 8.45
Avg: 8:28
Alt: maybe 1000'

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