Thursday, June 10, 2010

barefoot progress.

I got out at lunch yesterday for another run in the rain. We're having quite the wet summer so far. I don't remember it being sunny for more than 2 days in a row yet this year. I figured that the bridle trails would be a mess with all of the rain so I ran the first half of the corridor trail and then straight over to Grass Lawn park to use their track.

I took off the shoes and ran a little over 2 miles on the track. Going around the corners was a little sketchy with all of the standing water but I managed to stay upright. I ran the first mile on the track easy and picked up the pace for the second. I was surprised how easy it was to hold a sub-7 min. pace barefoot. I ended up running a 6:28 mile sans shoes. Not blazing fast but pretty good for my current fitness level and the conditions.

I felt really good running on the track. It felt like less effort than running on the trails or sidewalks. When I put my shoes on and headed back to the gym I suddenly felt sluggish and tired. It could have been the slight hill leaving the park or the trackwork catching up with me. I took it somewhat easy for the mile and a half back to the gym and called it a good run.

No plans to ditch the shoes and go barefoot full time. It sure is fun once in a while though.

Dist: 5.6mi.
Time: 43:11
Avg: 7:43/mi

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