Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sometimes it's good to turn the watch off

The rain took a day off and the temps touched the 50s so I stopped hiding in the gym for my weekly runs. It's been a while since I've run the loop from the gym. My legs were still a little sore from squats, deadlifts, and Plyometrics on Tue so I wasn't in the mood to be terribly compettive with my watch on the run. I set my Garmin to the menu screen for the run instead of the data screen. I wasn't tempted to check my time and see if I was on pace during the run for a change.

I felt slow and a little awkward running today. I was definitely limited by my lungs / breathing. I just couldn't get enough O2 to push harder. Running the loop clockwise puts the hills mostly in the first half and gives a much steadier longer hill to run first.

I tried to pick up the pace as soon as my HR would ease after the hill sections but I just didn't feel that fast. I guess my treadmill speedwork paid off though as I managed to finish in 42:54. I think that's my 2nd or 3rd best time for the route. Surprising.

Of course as I write this on the commute home (I'm not driving) my legs are feeling pretty sore, especially my Hamstrings. I hope there is something good on the DVR while I'm stretchig tonight.

Time: 42:54
Distance: 6.02
Pace: 7:09/mi.
Alt: probably <1000'

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