Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An early spring?

I forgot to write up my run on Friday morning, so briefly:

I knew that I couldn't get out for a run over the weekend so I got up early on Friday and was out on the road by 5:45am. It was dark out for the first hour and a half and my headlight isn't all that bright. My pace was a little slower than usual because of the dark and stopping to let cars pass. I ran out past Rosedale to Sahmel dr. and back.

It was fun running in the dark even with the steady drizzle of rain. I wore the CW-X tights again and would say that other than being a tad short for those with long legs, they work pretty well. My knee was a little sore after the run but my legs were fine. Viva compression!

~14mi / 2:03:00

The weather was nice yesterday, 55F and sunny. A rare nice day during a dark rainy month. I ran the regular work loop from the gym. Despite not getting much sleep over the past few nights I ended up running pretty fast. I was at my limit most of the run and fighting cramps for well over half of the time. I pushed as much as I could and took advantage of the downhill sections.

During the last mile I thought to myself: "don't finish easy and just miss breaking 42 minutes again." I guess I listened, running the last mile in 6:29 and finishing in 41:50.

Dist: 6.0
Time: 41:50
Avg: 6:58/mi.

Happy to break my work route PR.

Hopefully I'll get in an interval workout later this week.

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