Thursday, March 18, 2010

slow recovery run

My legs were still sore from the fast treadmill 10K on Tuesday so I just went out today with the goal of a slow run on the trails. I started at the gym and headed down to the corridor trail which took me out to the Bridle Trails. I popped into the park/forest and enjoyed the soft trails until I hit 2.5 miles and then turned around and headed back.

I was trying to keep my HR under 140 and did almost the whole run except the 3 short steep hills on the way to the Bridle Trails. My pace was around 9:00/mile for the most part. I took the Garmin but forgot to turn it off after my run and recorded my drive home in traffic. All together: 63.14mi in 6h 55m 04s (that's a sweet 6:34/mile pace!) I only burned 3500 calories and my max speed was 329.1mph (!?)

When I take out all of the "junk" miles that I drove I get something more reasonable:

Time: ~44:00
Dist: 4.95mi
Avg: 8:53/mi

I stretched, used the foam roller, used The Stick, and did some core work. My legs are still sore.  They should be a little better by Saturday for my long run.

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