Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keep running fatty!

I snuck out at lunch for another tempo run around the work loop. I didn't feel that good but a gasping-for-air hilly run should sort that out, right? I pushed a fast pace from the start and knocked the first mile out in 6:06. Sadly this was too fast and I didn't even come close to it again for any of the other splits. The hills weren't treating my legs well and I still felt a little sore from Sunday's tempo run. Too much fast running too close together?

My bad knee was a little sore for the middle 3 miles of the run but calmed down after that thankfully. I managed to average a 158 HR for the run which is a little high for me, especially the pace I ran. I need a little rest. Thursday will have to be an easy run.

I tried to pour on all the energy I had without blowing up completely and I came up :30 short of a PR. Still a good effort, finishing in 40:54.

Time: 40:54
Dist: 6.0
AvS: 7:49

In other news, I'm going to try to get my missed long run in on Saturday. I'll still be on track for the 50K race in April and the Redmond trail marathon in late March if I decide to run it. I'm still on the fence about paying $43 for what will be a training run with drop bags. It'll probably come down to scheduling. It's not my "A" race so it's expendable.

I had my body composition tested for the first time ever at the gym yesterday. They don't do hydrostatic (tank) tests, opting for electrical impedance instead. I measured at 8.8% body fat. I don't know what the margin of error is for the various methods of measurement but this really surprised me. I thought I'd be around 12% - 14%. I'm happy about the number. I'll have to work that much harder to lower it though. My breakdown was:

Height: 77.5"
Weight: 189.8#
BMI: 22.2 (tall guys get robbed on BMI)
Body fat: 8.8%
Fat pounds: 16.6
Fat FreePounds: 173.2

It seems hard to believe that I have 16+ lbs of fat sloshing around. Being a competitive person I'm hoping to drop the body fat down a few points by the end of the year. We'll see if I can clean up my diet and keep up the running.

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