Wednesday, February 17, 2010

run, rest, repeat

I Went over the gym at lunch and did the custom intervals program on the hamster wheel to the tune of:

7 min warmup
6 x
3:00 @ 6:00/mi (10 mph)
2:00 @ 13:30/mi (4.4 mph)
2 min. cooldown

I meant to do 6:30 half miles but didn't remember until I'd completed 4 of them so I just kept going at 6:00. It didn't feel too hard but I my HR was definitely getting up there at the end of the 3 minutes running. I measured my HR at 160 at the end of one of the repeats and watched it drop back down to 115 during the rest interval. I wish I had another 20 minutes at lunch to run so I could have done a few more intervals and a longer cooldown.

That's tempo and speedwork done so far this week. I plan to run a few junk miles on Friday and then map out a 19 mile long run on Sunday for my first week over 30 miles since before my knee surgery. I hope to hold slightly sub-8 average for the long run despite the hills. I wouldn't mind finding some new routes as well. I'm getting a bit tired of the same streets.

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