Sunday, February 21, 2010

Less than expected

I didn't get the long run in today. I was on track to but ended up watching the kids for a good portion of the day after getting little sleep last night. I'll have to try to either get out early one morning this week before work or shift my schedule forward one week. I was smart and left one week of play in my schedule just in case I had to miss a long run.

I did get a break at 5pm to get out for an hour and had to think quickly about what to do with my time. I ended up going out hard for 25 minutes then coming back hard and following up with a slow cool down around a little 0.6 mile loop near the house. I ran hard from the start instead of my usual first mile warm-up. (6:43 first mile) and out to the tunnel trail I pushed hard on all of the climbs today as I think that's a weakness for me. I headed toward Kopachuck on Artondale. I went up and over the hill past Kopachuck and down the other side for mile 3 (6:53 split) then tried to focus on hitting 3.5 miles in 25 minutes. I missed it by 36 seconds but I'm happy to be that close.

I turned around and hustled back to face a long uphill where I tried to hold a sub-9 pace up the hill. I did pretty well keeping a my pace up with fast turnover. I passed Kopachuck again in the other direction and continued toward the tunnel trail. I headed down and tried to keep my tired legs going fast for the last mile and a half. I pulled the pace up a bit but only managed 7:28 and 7:02 for the last two mile splits. When I got home again I ran a slow cool down loop around the block and called it a day.

If I only count the first 7 miles (not the cool down) the numbers are:
Dist: 7.0
Time: 50:52
Avg: 7:16/mi
Alt: 2984 (Garmin claimed) so realistically probably 1500.

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