Wednesday, June 8, 2011

something something new shoes something something

Monday 5/30 (7.7mi, 57min, 7:29/mi) Holiday Monday so I got out for my home "Hour loop" AKA "Two store loop"). I kept a solid pace but didn't really push it too hard as I put out a good effort the day before. It felt good just to get out and run.

Tuesday 5/31 (5.5mi, 41min, 7:34/mi) I ran the "Redmond streets" route at work clockwise today. It wasn't a speed run, just more of an almost-recovery run with a few tough miles at the start. I picked up the pace down Old Redmond Rd and back up 148th for a decent time.

Thursday 6/2 (5.7mi, 44min, 7:51/mi) More Viewpoint park loops, only two today as I'm taking it sort of easy this week. The run felt great and I felt absolutely fantastic after I was warmed up. My body was responding well when I'd try to pick up the pace and my footing felt good as did my form.

Friday: 6/3 (2.0mi, 16min, 8:02/mi) Pt 1: Two miles on the treadmill before hitting the weights.

Friday 6/3 (6.0mi, 48min, 8:01/mi) Pt 2: Six miles on the dreadmill after work in lieu of being a sane person and running 10 miles outdoors. The weather was nice but I'm on call for work so I thought I'd just hang out in the gym with my phone and watch whatever was on the TV and have an awful run on the hamster wheel instead of enjoying myself on some trails. I meant to run 8 miles but could barely stomach 6. Horrible.

Sunday 6/5 (5.6mi, 50min, 8:52/mi) With my wife and daughter away at a birthday party I took the boy out for a run in the BOB jogger. Being on call for work I stayed somewhat close to the house and just looped around nearby roads. It was a good easy paced run and the boy seemed to be pretty happy with the views.

I ran in a new pair of Merrell Trail Gloves that I exchanged the Vibram Five Fingers for. They felt fantastic. So much better than any other shoes I can think of with the possible exception of the New Balance MT101s. Now that I have two pair I'm actually looking forward to wearing one out so that I can retire them and wear them as every day kicking-around shoes. When I returned the Five Fingers I was hoping to exchange them for a pair of Merrell Tough Gloves, which are casual shoes with the same flat Vibram sole that the running shoes have. REI doesn't carry Tough Gloves unfortunately. Before 2011 I didn't care about Merrell shoes at all, now they're at the top of my list. Why can't Brooks make a good minimalist shoe?

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