Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kind of getting back into the swing of things

Mon 6/13 (6.4mi, 48min, 7:29/mi) A cloudy and windy day gave way to good temperatures (low 60s) so I headed out to the Bridle Trails for a simple loop. I didn't feel very good, but I was glad to get a run in.

Wed 6/15 (6.8mi, 56min, 8:21/mi) I lifted weights on Tuesday and gave my legs a break apart from doing 3 x 60 calf raises. Wednesday I ran out to Viewpoint Park for 3 loops at an easy pace and then I came back along the bike path that follows Hwy 520 instead of 148th ave. It was a much better choice but it did add a 1/2 mile onto my run. Smooth, low traffic, no stop lights.

Thu 6/16 (6.75mi, 55min, 8:11/mi) I didn't get a chance to run at work so I went for a run at home after the kids went to bed. I ran the One Store Loop but made a detour out past Kopachuck and down the hill. I turned around at the bottom of the hill and came back up and finished the loop. I tried out the black Trail Gloves with much better results than last time and no pain in the toe joints on my left foot.

Fri 6/17 (6.45mi, 52min, 8:03/mi) The weather was nice again (sunny and mid 60s) so I ran a half-loop of the Bridle Trails. It was warm enough that I stashed my shirt at the start of the run and picked it up again on the way back. Well, actually I ran a bit past it and had to turn around and go back for it. I love the simplicity of running with just a pair of shoes and a pair of running shorts.

Sat 6/18 (10.5mi, 1h 38m, 9:23/mi) Fathers Day came a day early. My present this year was a couple of hours to go out for a run. I haven't been running much on weekends lately and of course I miss it so I took advantage of my family's generosity and drove out to McCormack Park (next to the women's prison) and ran 5 loops of the park plus a few wrong turns and an out-and-back at the end to make up 10.5 miles of beautiful technical trail running. My pace was slower than usual due to the technical nature of the route and the steep section of climbing at the end of each 1.8mi loop. It's a hard loop to run fast and the last half mile consists of a slippery descent (still muddy in mid-June!), two small stream crossings and then a very narrow foot path (Trail "U" for the locals) carved into the hillside that requires careful footing with all of it's exposed roots and washed away sections. There's no taking your eyes off the path here. Overall a great run that left me very tired and happy.

Going back over this week now I see that there is very little complaining about the Piriformis. More on that next week.

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