Monday, April 18, 2011

Pain in the ass... er... Piriformis

Not a good week for running. After my last tempo run my right Piriformis muscle is still quite sore. Add to that the pain I get in my calves from running up on my forefoot in my minimalist Merrell Trail Gloves. I'm not training for any races right now and have been getting the bare minimum amount of sleep (kids are sick) that I can handle before I start to crumble so I've been slacking on my running. If I could knock those two things out I'd be golden. I've had a couple of chances to get a good run in at home lately but instead chose to take a 4 hour nap.

Monday 4/11 (5.9mi, 50min, 8:30/mi) I didn't have any training plan and my legs were feeling pretty good so I ran out to the Bridle trails at an easy pace but sought out all of the hills on the East side of the park and ran a hard tempo pace up each one. The longest was maybe 400m and I ran them hard enough that I was gasping for breath by the top. I jogged easy to recover on all of the non-uphill sections. Short hill sprints are supposed to be a really good training tool according to Running Times. They sure can hurt.

Tuesday 4/12 (2.3mi, 22min, 9:33/mi) My Piriformis and calves were really sore from my short hill sprint workout on Monday so I just went for an easy plod around the block to get some blood flowing in my legs. I debated skipping it entirely but I'm glad that I got a couple of miles in and spent the rest of my lunch hour stretching.

Wednesday 4/13 (2.0mi, 18min, 9:03/mi) I ran a slow warm-up jog at a 4.5% incline on the treadmill before I lifted weights.

Thursday 4/14 I went Curling at a work-sponsored event. It's nothing to do with exercise, but I just wanted to brag that I did it. Much more fun that it looks.

Friday 4/15 (7.5mi, 1h 1m, 8:08/mi) Still dealing with the annoyed Piriformis. My calves stopped complaining about their millions of micro-tears from all of the strain of the Trail Glove transition at least. I took it relatively easy, going down to Grass Lawn Park, up Old Redmond Rd, then ran a half loop of the Bridle Trails and back through the Corridor trail to work. It was a little longer than my usual lunchtime run but I needed a little more time away from my desk.

Saturday 4/16 Rather than going for a run I thought I'd give the bike trainer a try. I'd never ridden one other than getting fitted for a bike or having my VO2 tested. I'm borrowing a trainer from a cousin because I didn't know if I'd like it or be bored to death by it. So far I lean more toward liking it. With a DVD playing or watching something really good on TV, I can see how one could almost enjoy it. I rode for 45 minutes and did probably 5 or 6 hard 1min efforts in there to work up a nice sweat. It was a good workout on my legs as they've all but forgotten how to pedal a bike. It was the first time they've pedaled the thing since August 2009. Sad.

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