Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Enough about your butt already!

Monday 4/18 (6.5mi, 54min, 8:24/mi) I took it easy for a partial loop around the Bridle Trails (I run there a few times a week but never get tired of it), then down to Grass Lawn Park and back to work. Even though I took it easy my Piriformis was still agitated quite a bit afterward. Anyone getting tired of reading about my ass? I'm sure getting tired of writing about it. I'm looking for some good PT exercises for Piriformis issues. Know any?

Tuesday 4/19 (2.0mi, 17min, 8:40/mi) Just an easy 2 on the Treadmill before lifting weights to give the Piriformis a break.

Wednesday 4/20 (2.0mi, 16min, 7:50/mi) Another easy 2 on the Treadmill before lifting. See Tuesday.

Thursday 4/21 (6.0mi, 51min, 8:30/mi)   Back out to the Bridle Trails. The running felt okay but the Piriformis was predictably pissed off. I think I found a stretch to help with it, I'll know more next week after trying it out this weekend.

Saturday 4/23 (9.2mi, 1h 20m, 8:41/mi) The boy needed a nap so I took him out in the jog stroller for a 7 mile loop around home. The tunnel trail had some big mud puddles that I had to lift and carry the stroller through the best I could. A good deal of mud was shared among all involved. Getting out of the house at 10am made for less traffic which meant running on roads with little or no shoulder was much easier. The boy slept for about 40 minutes and woke up half a mile from home. As soon as I got home I pulled him out of the stroller, handed him off to my wife as my daughter put her shoes and her new running skirt (to match my wife's) on. A minute rest and we left for a short run. We ran a two mile out-and-back route with several walking breaks. I'm happy running her pace, it's slow with several walking breaks but worth getting out on a run with her. I hope these runs continue and at some point a few years in the future that I'll get out to run with both kids at the same time and show them where the good running trails are.

Another sub-par week of running due to an annoyance (sub-injury? mild-injury?) that's holding me back from any kind of tempo running. I'm having good luck with the stretches I found for it and bought a new Foam Roller after my old one was starting to break down and sag. The new one was a bargain at $8. It's a 3' long piece of PVC pipe, the kind typically used for residential sewer lines. I bought it at the local hardware store and plan to glue a piece of Yoga mat around it for a little bit of comfort. It's rated at 3,000 lbs crush strength so it doesn't budge at all when I roll with it.

I'm sitting at 75mi for April with 6 days to go. I hope to get another 40 miles in to match my march total of 115mi. That'll be a stretch but possible if I can get a double in one of those days.

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