Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keep the updates coming

Tue 1/18 (10.0mi, 1h 13m, 7:18/mi) I couldn't get out at lunch for a run so I ran after work in the dark. I ran down the long hill along Hwy 520 to the Sammamish River Trail, a nice path that I'd run a tiny bit of a few times in the past. I didn't realize how far North it went. I could run all the way up to the North side of Lake Washington and meet up with the Burke Gilman Trail if I needed to. The trail was pretty dark and I didn't have a lot of time so I ran out 5 miles and then turned around. It was ~35F during the run which is pretty cold without gloves. The trail was pretty flat. I ran an easier pace on the "out" portion and then picked up the pace on the way back. I held a couple of <7:00 miles on the way back but had the long hill to climb near 520 just before the finish. I ran a negative split by just over 2 minutes (37:37 vs. 35:30). My knee was a little tight after the run which is worrying.

Wed 1/19 (5.4mi, 47min, 8:46/mi) Just an easy run out to the Bridle Trails to run through the mud. My knee and Hamstring/Glute were tight but manageable. I've noticed more lately that I'm getting soreness deep in my right leg where my Hamstring meets my Glute. I foam roll, I use The Stick, and even this odd "S" shaped thing with wooden balls on the end to really dig around in the muscles but it still acts up after harder runs (Tempo on Tuesday). I'm not sure what exactly is sore in there or how to better work it out. I'll have to do some of that Interwebs research that bloggers are so famous for.

Thu 1/20 (2.0mi, 17min, 8:30/mi) I did some cross training at the gym (weights and Elliptical) and threw a couple of token miles on the Treadmill in to try to shake some soreness out of my legs. Knee still not feeling great.

Sat 1/22 (4.4mi, 35min, 7:59/mi) I got an unexpected pass to get out for a run after watching the (sick) kids and wife all day Fri and Sat. I planned on running a good hill workout on Sunday so I took it easy on the standard "One Store Loop" from home right at sunset. Good run, nothing fancy. Held back to save some energy for Sunday.

Sun 1/23 (14.0mi, 1h 49m, 7:49/mi) I had a "Short Hills" workout on my training schedule but decided that I'd rather run long hills. I ran out to the bottom of 40th ave which is just over a mile long and gains around 300 feet. I ran up the hill 4 times, jogging back down for recovery. My splits got faster as I went up: (8:11, 8:05, 7:38, 7:45) and down: (7:25, 7:11, 7:09, 7:19)... except for that last one. I was really surprised that I was able to keep the pace under 8:00 for the last two climbs up the hill. I was ahead of schedule so I diverted on the way back up and around toward Kopachuck and down the Tunnel Trail and home that way for a couple of bonus miles. The knee still complained a bit but not enough to stop me. I need to work on my fueling as I train for Chuckanut. I'm thinking about trying the Fructose / Glucose mixture that Cycling endurance stud Chris is using with success and having my Perpetuem slurry as a backup. I need to find a place to buy Fructose and Glucose in bulk.

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