Thursday, January 13, 2011

A good start to the new year and my first race of 2011

Monday 01/03 (7.75mi, 1:09, 8:57/mi) I ran around the Bridle Trails loop from work. It was pretty cold and the ground was crunchy and not too wet and muddy. There were 4 or 5 downed trees across the trail. I hope they clear them up for the Bridle Trails run coming up on Saturday. Felt pretty tired today. My legs felt like I ran up and down a mountain or something.

Tuesday 1/4 (2.0mi, 18min, 9:00/mi) My quads felt absolutely wrecked so I just ran a slow 2 miles on the treadmill at work to try to loosen them up and then used the elliptical machine and lifted weights for some solid cross training.

Wednesday 1/5 (5.5mi, 45min, 8:16/mi) Quads are still just on fire. They're too sore to even roll them out with "The Stick" or the foam roller. What the heck? I ran the Redmond Streets loop and took it pretty easy.

Thursday 1/6 (5.4mi, 46min, 8:35/mi) I ran out to Grass Lawn Park. I ran around the track for a bit but left my shoes on. I ran around the gravel path that goes around the park that I noticed the last time I was at GLP. Nice little loop. Legs still hurt quite a bit.

Friday 1/7 (2.0mi, 18min, 9:00/mi) My legs were still a little stiff and I wanted to shake them out a little so I ran two easy miles on the treadmill at work before riding the stationary bike and lifting weights.

Saturday 1/8 (10.4mi, 1:14:04, 7:07/mi) Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival. I wasn't in shape for the 50K race and I wanted to volunteer at this race so I entered the 10.4 mile event and volunteered afterward. The race went pretty well for me. I was careful not to eat for 3 hours before the event and my stomach was relatively calm in response. A few minutes after 3pm the 5 mile runners set off. About 3 minutes later the 10 mile runners started. This meant that half a mile into the first lap we were beginning to overtake them. I got held up on some of the narrow portions of the course waiting to pass slower runners but after half a lap it was pretty wide open. My experience running the trails so often helped my pacing as I knew what was coming and where to be on the trail when turns, puddles, or hills were coming up. I ran a little too fast on my first lap, probably from anxiety and trying to pass the 5 mile runners. I finished lap 1 in 36min and change. I slowed down toward the middle of lap 2 but brought it back together for the last 2 miles to finish strong in 1:14:04. for 12th place overall out of the 100 ten mile competitors. I was 3rd in the 40 - 50 age group, or would have been had they kept track of those sort of things. After getting through the slower runners I was only passed by four people, the winners of the 50K solo, pairs, and team events and one other 10 mile runner. I should have lined up closer to the front of the pack at the starting line. I'm happy with the time and it's good enough for a 10 mile PR as I've never raced at this distance before. Sweet!


mthead said...

Nice race, what's with the 3PM start?

nrmrvrk said...

It's a fun/cruel way to make sure that even the fastest 50K runners will have at least 4 laps after dark. The trails are quite muddy, lose-your-shoe muddy in places and get worse as the race goes on.