Monday, October 25, 2010

Returning From Vacation and a 10K Training Program

Monday (10/18) 5.1mi, 39min, 7:46/mi avg. I got one last run in while we were in Kauai. I ran from the condo in Kapa'a out on the beach path toward Anahola and back. I started out slow the first mile and then ran a lackluster tempo pace the rest of the run. I only had 45 minutes to run, so I turned around at 22:30 and came in with a slightly negative split. I knew it would be hot and humid so I left my shirt and hat and just ran shirtless. The views were amazing and the week was very relaxing.

Wednesday (10/20) 5.5mi, 41min, 7:27/mi avg. Back at work I ran out to the Bridle Trails and back. I kept it slow the first and last mile but pushed hard the middle 3.5 miles. It was tough holding the pace and I was really winded by the end. I need to put more speed work in my training.

Thursday (10/21) 4.6mi, 38min, 8:20/mi avg. I put together a basic schedule to build up for a 10K based on a few resources I found online. One thing that it prescribed that I've been neglecting were hill repeats. I ran from work out to the 520 bike path that goes down the long hill into Redmond. I ran down to a nice steady downhill section and stopped to run 5 x 500m hill repeats at 5K - 10K pace. I did all of the repeats without stopping but I didn't quite hold a 10K pace. The hill might have been too steep for that though. I ran them at about 7:15/mi pace and was completely gassed at the end of each one. They left me gasping for air like I'd almost drown. I ran a little warm-up and coold-own around the repeats that was mostly just the distance to/from the hill.

Friday (10/22) 6.4mi, 53min, 8:17/mi avg. I took an easy jog out the first part of the corridor trail and headed over to Grass Lawn Park for 3 miles barefoot around the track while some kids kept kicking the soccer ball at the net (and usually missing) right as I ran behind the goal. I'm not totally sure that they were doing it on purpose to annoy me but if not, it was quite a coincidence. The balls of my feet were a little sore the day after the run.

I wanted to run on the weekend but with the heavy rain, picking apples and pressing cider with the family I never found the time.

Monday (10/25) 6.0mi, 47min, 7:55/mi avg. Intervals. The schedule called for 10 x 400m @ 90 sec. It was still raining outside pretty hard and I didn't want to try to adapt 400m repeats to the odd 325m track near work (1.23 laps = 400m) so I ran them at the gym. I set the treadmill to a 2% incline and ran a warm-up mile. I made it through 10 repeats without too much trouble, running them between 88 and 90 seconds each. 400m repeats are just short enough that you can just suffer through them. The treadmill also seems to make it easier even with the slight incline. I'd need to find a real track to run intervals on some time.

I'm sitting at 110 miles for the month so far and 1215 for the year. I'm still on track to hit 1500 miles for the year. I have 7 weeks to train for my last "A" race of the year.

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