Sunday, October 17, 2010

Catching up and on vacation

Now that my big A race is over, I've predictably lost some of my motivation to update the blog with my daily runs. I'll try to stick to two sentences or less for the runs since Baker Lake:

Monday (10/4): 5.1mi, 43min, 8:35/mi avg. Boring recovery loop around Redmond to get the blood circulating in my very sore legs. Ouch.

Tuesday (10/5): 5.5mi, 53min, 9:38/mi avg. Another recovery run with a co-worker. I stuck to his pace as anything more still hurt.

Wednesday (10/6): 5.1mi, 40min, 7:58/mi avg. Legs are feeling almost all better. Pace is improving.

Thursday (10/7): 6.2mi, 49min, 7:55/mi avg. Ran out to Grass Lawn Park and ran 3 miles barefoot on the track. Did some drills barefoot (strides, running the lane line, high knees, band leaders)

Friday (10/8): 8.5mi, 1h13m, 8:40/mi avg. Kept an easy pace as the work week had been ├╝ber-busy and wore me down working 10 hour days. Ran around the Bridal Trails which is almost always enjoyable.

(no runs over the weekend)

Monday (10/11): 6.4mi, 46min 7:11/mi avg. I started out a little slow going out to the Bridle Trails and then really picked up the pace and practiced my fast footing on the technical sections. This was my last run before leaving for a week in Kauai.

Thursday (10/14): 7.1mi, 54min, 7:42/mi avg. Ran along a beach path near the house we rented in Anahola. I Didn't have the stomach to run any faster. I think Shave Ice was a poor pre-run food choice. It was 82F and humid and the breezes coming off of the ocean weren't consistent enough to cool me down. Good birthday run though.

Saturday (10/16): 7.0mi, 50min, 7:19/mi avg. I got out in the morning to run along the same path but starting about 1/2 a mile South of the end of the path. I ran 7:30 splits for 3.5 miles and then turned around and ran 6:50 miles back. It was hot and humid at 8am but the views of the ocean were fantastic. I hope I'll get a chance to run one more time in Kauai.

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