Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekly wrap up

I'm having trouble finding time to blog regularly so I'm just going to wrap up this week's totals:

Monday: Went to the ER at 5:30am with a sick kid and worked from home, didn't have time to run.

Tuesday: 6.0 mi in 41:06 (6:51/mi avg). I wrote this one up already.

Wednesday: 5.05 mi in 48:48 (9:40/mi avg). I don't know what happened here. I hadn't been getting much sleep and my legs were spent from Tuesday's tempo run so I just ran how I felt, which was apparently really slowly. At least the Bridle Trails were nice to look at as I barely slogged around them.

Thursday: 5.4 mi in 43:57 (8:08/mi avg). Another semi-recovery run on my Redmond Streets route CCW. My legs and body were doing a little better. I'm still not getting enough sleep. I would have kept a slower pace but another runner started out 30 seconds ahead of me following the same route for the first 2 miles. When I got to the longish uphill I just had to pick it up and pass him. Silly ego.

Friday: 5.4 mi in 36:05 (6:38/mi avg), then 7.8 mi in 1:07 (8:35/mi avg). Double run today just because I could and I wanted to pick up a few more miles for the week. At lunch I ran the Redmond Streets route CW at tempo pace which ended up pretty fast. My legs weren't feeling fresh but I was able to suffer pretty well through the initial hilly part (6:09 first mile) and then hold a good mid 6 pace until the descent which I had trouble really opening up the pace on. I'm happy with 36:05 but I think I could aspire to sub 35 by the end of the year if I start doing some hill sprints and track intervals. I can't live on tempo alone as my only fast running.  After work I ran a loop around the Bridle Trails from the gym at a recovery pace which ended up being faster than I thought my legs had in them. Very enjoyable run on dry trails with no one riding horses to run into.

Saturday: Still lacking sleep, spent the day with the family. No run. Saving up for Sunday's long run.

Just under 30 miles for the week so far and I hope to get in another 17 or 18 on Sunday if the timing works out.

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