Sunday, August 1, 2010

End of the month summary

7/31/10: 7.85 miles 60 min (7:43/mi avg) I was worried that I'd have to skip my run today but again managed to squeeze it in after both kids were in bed. I'm on call for work so I had to either run close to home or bring my laptop. I ended up just running 3 loops to nearby Forest Beach and back. I ran past the house every time to see if work had called (light in the sun room on meant that they did).

The run was decent. I started out feeling sluggish and tired but finished strong. I think my body just needed time to warm up or something. The highlight of the run was a big hawk buzzing me about 10' over my head and landing in a tree as I ran past it. Seeing a hawk was a bit odd as I almost exclusively see Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons, and Crows around here.

The run caps off 7 straight days of running and bumps my monthly mileage up to 190, which is the biggest monthly number I've put up yet (22 better than the previous best). My legs feel tired but I'm not injured, just a little down on sleep I think. I'm not sure if the increased mileage will help me as I ramp up to my next race (probably another 50KM race in a month or two, haven't settled on one yet) but I hope it helps with the late race fatigue that I struggled with earlier this year at Mt. Si.

Finally, just to geek out on stats that I keep, my average pace for the entire month (total time running divided by total miles) was the same as last month, 8:13/mi. I'm hoping to improve that by at least 14 seconds.

July 2010
Miles: 191.66
Miles/day avg: 6.39
Days running: 24
Miles/run avg: 7.99
Miles run Barefoot: 11.15
Time spent running: 26:15:07
Avg Pace: 8:13

I took 7 days off of running, 3 due to my own dumb mistake of running barefoot on a hot day and getting blisters all over both feet.

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