Sunday, April 6, 2008

short test run

Now that my wife is cleared to run again she asked me if I wanted to go out on a 3 mile run around the 'habba with her and the baby. My first thought was "no, what a stupid question, I'm injur....." I thought about it for a minute and figured "why not?" what am I going to do, have more knee pain? I didn't think that it would be too bad at my wife's pace either. She runs a 2min / 1min ratio of run/walk.

We loaded up the baby in the B.O.B. jog stroller with the rain cover and went on our way. The run went smoothly, the baby didn't cry and we both got pretty wet from the rain.

Here we are 3 hours later and my knee isn't much worse than it was before. If I notice much more pain it'll probably be in the morning. I was stretching before I took a shower and noticed that my knee caps aren't even close to level. My left kneecap (the painful one) is a good bit lower than the right. I'm betting that the orthotics take care of some of this when I'm wearing them. It lends some credibility to my cousin's (who's a physical therapist) theory that the knee pain relates to my PS/SI problems from a few years ago. I'm visiting her next weekend in CA so I'll have a chance to ask her about it in person and show her my kneecaps.

I need to get some new running shoes that are better suited for my orthotics as well. Maybe in a few weeks...

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