Friday, July 29, 2011

Easy weeks, not much to write about

Here's a quick summary of the first two weeks of running in July. I'm spending more time than I should be writing a glorified training log that only I read I'd bet.

Wed 7/6: 7mi, 58min. Came back from a few illness-caused days off to run 7mi at the Bridle trails.

Thu 7/7: 8mi, 59min. I felt a little better so I put a decent effort into a full Bridle Trails loop at lunch.

Fri 7/8: 4mi, 28min. A warmup run before lifting weights. Two quick miles (6:20/mi, then recovery, then 1/2mi @ 5:20/mi, then cool down)

Sat/Sun: lazy / busy / didn't run

Mon 7/11: 6.2mi, 43min. Faster tempo run out to Viewpoint park for 2 laps then back via 520 trail.

Tue 7/12: 6.6mi, 55min. Ran out toward BT then down to Grass Lawn park for 2 mi. barefoot on the track.

Wed 7/13: 3mi, 22min. Treadmill at the gym before lifting. W/U, 5x400 @ 87sec w/ 400 recovery between.

Thu 7/14: 6.4mi, 56min. Easy recovery run out to the Bridle Trails.

Fri 7/15: 3.1mi, 20:58. Treadmill at the gym before weights. Started at 8:30/mi, worked my way down to 5:00/mi. Started the incline at +2.5%, dropped to -3.0% as speed increased.

Sun 7/17: 9.2mi, 1h 27m. Ran with the boy in the BOB jog stroller while he napped. Went farther than I'd planned or expected. Felt really good.

My weekly totals were 19mi and 25mi. Not much to write about really.

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