Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last week in running

Summary of the past week in running:

Monday 11/29 (5.75mi, 51min, 8:53/mi) I ran out to the Bridle Trails, noodled around for a bit and then back. My stomach felt iffy, my left shoulder blade was sore and I couldn't manage much more than a recovery pace. Beats going out to lunch though.

Tuesday 11/30 (5.5mi, 45min, 8:10/mi) I ran my first real interval session in some time at the gym on The Machine. I ran 10 x 440 @ 84 seconds, or 10.6 mph. I started out running them with a 2.5% incline and then dropped that down to 1.7% (what I've read will nullify the advantage of running on a treadmill). I started out with a 9:00/mi jog during the recovery interval, then every 4th repeat I just had to walk for the recovery interval. I was barely able to last the 84 seconds at 10.6mph, just begging for each interval to be over. With warm up and cool down it ended up being a pretty good session.

Wednesday 12/1 (5.4mi, 51min, 9:27/mi) Easy run on the Redmond Streets route with Nate. Slow pace and good to talk to Nate. The only thing I don't care for is when Nate apologizes for "being so slow." It's something that I've run into in the past with other people I've run or cycled with. I guess it's just natural that people apologize when they feel like they're holding you back but after the third time I say "don't worry about pace, I knew what the pace would be when I asked you to go for a run" it gets a tiny bit irritating. I get it, running isn't your thing so you don't run as fast as I can. I don't run fast every day, I need at least 2 recovery runs a week and I'd rather run and talk with someone interesting on those days. If I'm ever training for a National Championship, I might worry more about recovery pace, but until then, stop apologizing and enjoy running with me, dammit! :-)

Thursday 12/2 (6.55mi, 51min, 7:47/mi) I headed out to Grass Lawn Park for some barefoot running. I took the corridor trail route out there and was surprised how easy I kept a sub-7 pace down Old Redmond Rd. When I got to the park I found that the track I run around was closed for maintenance, I thought for a second and headed over to try one of the baseball fields. Turns out that they're just as good. Artificial turf and each lap was nearly a quarter mile, slightly longer than the track. I ran just over 2 miles barefoot, practicing a pure forefoot strike every 3rd lap. It felt good at the time but I was a little sore later.

Friday 12/3 (5.3mi, 45min, 8:30/mi) I ran down the path that follows I-520 into downtown Redmond and then along the West Lake Sammamish trail to 51st street. Starting at the bottom of 51st I ran 8 short (30 - 40 second) hill repeats at what I'd estimate was 5K pace up the very-steep hill. I was absolutely gassed after 30 seconds going up that hill. It was really taking it out of me. I jogged slowly back down and then walked around at the base of the hill for another 20 -30 seconds before the next hill repeat. I was impressed that I made it through all 8 given how much they hurt and that I was just about maxing out my heart rate in 30 seconds. After the last hill repeat I jogged back to the bottom of the hill and then slowly ran up the hill and back to work for some stretching. Good workout.

Sunday 12/5 (4.6mi, 40min, 8:42/mi) With the rest of the family sick for the most part I was really lucky to get out at all today. My daughter was out with her grandmother so I loaded the boy into the BOB and bundled him up with a blanket and set him up with juice and snacks and hurried on my way. I planned for the One Store Loop and if things went well I'd tack on some additional miles at the end. I got up the tunnel trail well enough. There were quite a few downed trees / branches that I had to move / break to get the jog stroller through. I should go for a run with a saw and some clippers next weekend. I got around from the top of the trail out to Ray Nash before the boy started to complain. I checked and he wasn't cold, had snacks left and wasn't thirsty. I pressed on and kept talking to him and stopping every few minutes to check on him. By the time I reached the store his complaints escalated. I stopped again to make sure he was doing okay, which he was despite the squawks. With about half a mile to go he started to cry. I knew that I just needed to get home and get him out of the stroller ASAP. I picked up the pace from the 9:00 min miles to a 6:00 mile pace for the last of the run. I hurried up my street and down the driveway. As soon as I unbuckled him and picked him up, all was right in his world again. Better luck next time I hope.


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Email me your address and I will.