Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cold and cramp-free

I barely had time to fit in my run today at lunchtime. I did the 6mi. loop that I've been running lately from the gym only in the opposite direction today. I try to switch directions every week. I don't think either direction is easier, the hills come sooner in the CCW direction. I run for speed one day a week and that was today.

I felt pretty good this morning and tried taking an S-Cap before the run. I've never tried them before, only Enduralytes. I didn't have any cramping on the run so they worked okay so far. I probably didn't need it with the cold weather but I want to test them out and see how my body reacts. S-Caps claim to be more powerful than Enduralytes and are more recommended in the ultra running community from what I read.

I pushed the pace from the start and saw the Garmin report a sub 6 minute pace for the first 1/2 mile or so. I don't know how accurate the watch is at a glance though. It feels neat to see the current pace start with a 5 even if it's short lived. If I'm ever going to break 40 min. for the route I'll need to start out fast as I hit the short steep hills around the 1 mi. mark which quickly slows my pace. Once through the hilly trail segment I run on a loose gravel path along side a quiet road for a couple of miles. There are a few small rolling hills along this backstretch. I make a left turn and find myself speeding down a steep hill on the pavement at sub-6 pace again for maybe 1/3 of a mile. It's short lived glory though as I have to run back up an equally steep/long hill soon after.
At the top of that hill I have a very gradual incline for the next mile until the route flattens out bringing me back to the gym. The route is almost a perfect rectangle.

I was pretty gassed by the finish and happy with my time, less than a minute off of my PR for the route.

Dist: 6.0
Time: 43:30 (7:15 pace)

Update: My previous best was 43:39, so today was actually 9 seconds faster than my PR for the route. Nice!

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