Sunday, January 6, 2008

Short Sunday run

My knee was feeling fine today after forgetting to run on Friday at the gym. I was still pretty sore from lifting weights on Thu and Fri though. I'm just getting back into lifting weights after several years off so not only can't I lift near what I used to be able to, but it hurts after I lift now. My arms and chest were sore, but more than anything, my hamstrings were sore from 3 sets of Deadlifts on Thursday. I was surprised about this because I barely used any weight. The Deadlifts are supposed to be good for strengthening my Hamstrings to help with this knee pain I'm having.

My wife just started training for the Vancouver half marathon, so today was her first weekly long run. She's a beginner so it was only 3 miles. We drove out to the local convenience store in Gig Harbor and started there. I plotted out a 3 mile course that was basically the One Store Loop that I do so often only starting at the store instead of the house. We ran together at her pace, alternating 2 min of running and 1 min of walking. It was comfortable and a good pace for her. The route had a few hills so we tried to time it to walk up the hills for the most part. We enjoyed the run and she had no trouble completing it. She'll get faster and build her endurance as her training continues.

When we completed the loop, she got in the car and drove back home while I ran another mile farther and up a private road to a dead end and turned around and ran home. I started to get a little bit of discomfort (not quite pain) in my left knee at about the 4 mile point in the run. This really disappointed me as I've taken 4 days off of running now and have been icing and stretching. I think I might need to start looking for a physical therapist who knows about these things. I talked to my cousin about it, and she thinks that it's not a muscular imbalance as most Runner's Knee diagnoses describe. She says that it's more likely due to my existing Sacroiliac problem, and more related to my hip extensors. I didn't have time to really get into talking about it with her on the phone unfortunately. Doing some research online seems to support her theory. I just don't really know what I can do to help, other than keeping my S.I. joint aligned and maybe doing some hip extensor exercises. I need to find time to talk to her or someone else familiar with the problem.

I completed the run without a problem other than some soreness in my knee. At least getting out for a run got the blood flowing and helped loosen up some of the pain and tightness that I had from weight lifting.

The forecast for today was rain and some snow, both of which happened for about 30 min. this morning, leaving the rest of the day partly cloudy and ~43F. Not bad at all for the middle of winter.

My route:

one store loop starting at arletta plus private road at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail:Share GPS tracks

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