Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Here lives the talk about running

I'm going to keep my running ramblings here so that I can try out and see if I want to move my other blogs away from LJ. I wanted to split out the running talk from Grossklein now that I find that I'm really enjoying getting back into running again.

So here we go:

I did a run on Xmas day with a group of my wife's (mine too?) cousins. We just ran the "One Store Loop" around Gig Harbor. It's close, there are nice shoulders, traffic is fairly low, and there's an awesome (but short) section of trail to run up on the route. Add a mid-run snow shower yesterday and it's tough to beat.

Thanks to Santa (by which I mean a big sale at Amazon) I'm able to bring this run to you in two dimensions ala Google maps from my Garmin 305 which has a knack for keeping tabs on my position:

Link to the route

Good stuff.

My knee felt good during and after the run. The next day (today) it was a little bit stiff and sore when walking stairs (up or down) so I'm not out of the woods yet by a long shot. Time to ice and stretch before bed.

Thanks for reading and thanks to for help with the blog title.


Adamm said...

That terrain map is awesome! Looks pretty accurate, too. I see the "roller coaster" road right after the Arletta store, for instance.

nrmrvrk said...

Love the GPS map of where we've run. Interesting that Google Maps has incorrect data about 100th ave / Coleman Camp rd continuing past the dead end where the trail starts. I guess they don't do the drive-by camera mapping in Gig Harbor.

nockee said...

congrats on your first Garmin blog. Glad to see you back on the streets with your bum knee and all. Am sure it will be healed in no time...